I don't suppose it is possible to take a product designed by a company for one use and resell it with a completely different use in mind and make a profit; however, if that were possible I have a great idea. I've been using this product in this manner for years and it works great for me. One of the things that I've always hated about modern life is an alarm clock. No matter what kind of alarm clock you use here is the way it works: At some designated point during the day, probably in the morning, the device sounds an alarm of some sort; usually a very discordant noise designed to make sure that you get up and get your lazy ass out of bed to do whatever it is you do as a job that feeds your fat face. I have never been able to find a suitable alarm that didn't just pass me off and entice me to hit the snooze button which usually gives you nine more digital minutes of resting time before you hit the snooze button again, and again, and again, for up to an hour.

What works much better for me is a type of alarm that does just the opposite. This anti-alarm would make a noise consistent all throughout the night and then by using a timer attached to the power source, the anti-alarm noise would go off at a certain time in the day, morning, that you would like to arise

For my purposes a Honeywell air purifier works magnificently well when paired with a cheap on/off electrical timer. I prefer this model. I realize that it is somewhat of a pricey device, and you might not want to spend this much. Cheaper models are available. This model's instruction book asks you to change the charcoal filter which wraps around the HEPA filter every three months. In fact, unless you're living with 15 cats or you and your roommates smoke several packs of cigarettes a day inside your domicile, or if you're a hoarder who lives in a house of sand and fog, once a year is really all that is necessary, and that is all the upkeep that I find this device needs. I am sure that you might find other devices which suit your purposes better, but the soothing noise of the rotating fan in the air purifier really help me sleep and when the device goes off in the morning it almost always wakes me up very gently by its absence of noise. Even if it doesn't wake me up immediately, eventually, I will arise from slumber and if the machine is still running I will know that it is not yet time to get up. If the machine is off I will know that I have missed the time I was supposed to get up.

You might ask yourself this question: "dannye, if you no longer work, why do you care what time you get up. Very good question, grasshopper. The answer is even when you're retired it's good to keep a regular schedule. Especially for those folks who have to live with you.

Another upside is a noticeable reduction of dust in the bedroom. I have heard that most dust is dead skin particles. That's kind of disgusting, wouldn't you agree?

So what are the downsides to this method? One is that the constant noise all night might keep you from hearing something going on outside your bedroom which might be important, such as a mass murderer breaking into your house in order to wrap you on a stainless steel table with Saran wrap. Another fairly pricey investment is an alarm system. I use Vivint because it can be armed or disarmed with your smart phone. Actually, I would not mind meeting Dexter and I do meet Harry's little code, but there was that god-awful role he played in Six Feet Under. God, I hated that show.

One other downside is finding a timer that doesn't drive you nuts. I got one at Wal-mart for next to nothing, but every time the power goes out, I have to reset the little bastard, and it is a pain in the ass. Obviously, if you have a real job, unlike me, and it is vital that you get up every morning at a certain time as opposed to just convenience, this system might not be the best for you, but you could try it and I think you'd be amazed at how efficient it is in waking you up with the absence of noise as opposed to the addition of noise. You were probably going to get fired in the next few weeks anyway for spending your work time and your business's dime reading crap like this on the internet.

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