Saying “white rabbit” at the beginning of each month is a superstition which supposedly makes you have good luck for the rest of the month to come. Another belief with this superstition is that if it isn’t the first thing you say the first morning of said month, that you will in fact have bad luck. What happens if you forget to say white rabbit you may ask? I've fallen into a lake on my bike, lost numerous objects, numerous injuries, almost choked to death in a sleeping bag, you name it, it could easily happen. Now think of the thing that you love most of all, something or someone you don't think you could ever live without. Now watch it disappear one morning, seemingly the first day of the month. Even more torturesome however would be each day of the month to continually put down more and more. I've been fortunate enough not to have this happen.

On a side note, I have always said white rabbit at the beginning of each month before saying anything else that day. Of course this month, I didn’t realize that it was the first of the month and went about my day as usual. As I was riding my bike downhill towards a lake, a family of bunnies started hopping across the road, forcing me to swerve over to the side. "Lucky" me, I missed a large tree by inches, however went plummeting into the lake from about 10 feet up. From the water, I looked up atop the cliff and of course the rabbits were hopping around merrily... One would think I could then swim over to the shore and pull my bike out. I however was forced to swim across the lake to the beach on the other side. The only good that came out of it was I got to go for a nice long run afterward. Most fortunate of all, it just happened to still be very cold outside. It's a wonder I didn't die of pneumonia.

I can personally account for white rabbit and other superstitions as being Swedish, however such superstitions were first printed in the early 1900's across Europe. The origin of the superstition is therefore unknown. However, it is known that for some, the superstition is a fear of black magic in that if you don't say White Rabbit at the beginning of the each month (and in some cases Black Rabbit the night before), you will be cursed for the remainder of the month. Others believe that it is just a good luck charm to do so at the beginning of each month. Another popular form of this superstition is instead of saying white rabbit, to say rabbit, rabbit or even rabbit, rabbit, rabbit.