Lum the Mad, aka Scott Jennings, is the owner and chief operator of The Rantings of Lum the Mad, now called MMOGNEWS.COM.
Lum's website specializes in daily news about various massively-multiplayer online games, (MMOGs), especially Ultima Online, EverQuest, and Asheron's Call. Unlike most news pages, however, Lum and his deranged staff tell it like they see it. Pure, unadulterated truth*, with only a liberal sprinkling of attitude and opinions to season the mix.
Although Lum has a large number of dedicated followers, called Lummies, he is often berated and flamed for his opinionated comments and continual bashing of the stupid and inane actions of the players and administrators of the games he follows. His vitriolic statements often cause intense flame wars, as Lummies and VAKs (Verant Ass-Kissers) line up on either side of some hot topic. And though he is not infallible, his continual success at pushing the buttons of those who matter has made more changes than those in power are willing to admit.
Whether you like Lum, or want to see his internal organs on the next edition of "When Animals Attack," this fact remains certain: His reports do get results.

*Lum and his sidekicks have not always been right. Many times has he made mistakes - but he is willing to admit when he does, and make changes for the better.