"The Nest," as it is called by its regular inhabitants, is an internet message board hosted by EZBoard.com. The board evolved from a popular rant-site founded by a "Guide" from the online game Everquest who also happened to be a talented writer and felt the urge to rant about problems with players, the game, and life in general. The site gained further fame when the author, Sanya Thomas, a.k.a. Tweety, lost her her job as a Guide, and her player account was banned as a result of her rants' controversial nature--to see the "Rant Heard 'Round the World," i.e. her first rant, hop over to:


As the site gained popularity, the message board was created as a discussion forum for regular readers of Tweety's rants. As time went by, The Nest grew into its current form today, where it is a forum for all manner of topics, ranging from computer gaming, naturally, to politics, current events, sociology, and life in general. Tweety actually rarely posts to the site anymore, as it has been pretty much taken over by its core of perhaps 50 primary users along with a host of lurkers and other random people who stop by. The site gets a significant number of hits simply because her rants are still linked on related gaming message boards scattered all across the world.

The board gained a certain renewed vigor after Tweety/Sanya was hired by Mythic Entertainment (along with another famous ranter, Scott Jennings a.k.a. Lum the Mad) to serve as the Internet Relations Manager for their popular online game, Dark Age of Camelot. Today, The Nest, when not being overrun by trolls who incorrectly conclude that the site is about Camelot or Tweety's old rants, is a thriving forum for debate, humor, and of course, ranting.

You can find it at:


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