Sanya "Tweety" Thomas is the Internet Relations Manager for computer gaming company Mythic Entertainment, creator of the popular MMORPG Dark Age of Camelot. Prior to working for Mythic, she earned a reputation as a writer, with an Everquest rantsite at, and with "guest rants" appearing at Lum the Mad's site The message board spawned by her rantsite, Tweety's Nest of Freaks ("The Nest" to regulars) remains a popular haven for gamers everywhere.

Sanya's fame has much to do with her writing style. Few people combine vitriol and profanity with insight and eloquence quite like she. Links to her rants gained so much popularity that she was quite literally floored by the response. Her banning by Verant Interactive from their game Everquest generated a giant outpouring of support for her which, while it didn't manage to accomplish anything, did manage to flood Verant's message boards for quite a while. She has observed in the past that she never expected her message board to last more than a few weeks or to gain more than a few posts. Again, largely as a function of her writing accumen, the forum became a quite popular for disgruntled gamers of all sorts.

To finish things out, and give a tiny sense of her writing style, I'll allow Sanya to speak for herself and excerpt from her website:

Yes, I'm female. I'm in the 25-34 demographic. People are usually surprised when they meet me, because they expect me to be taller and fatter. I went to Greensboro College and Radford University. I don't show up on film, so there are no pictures of me in the world. Stop asking.

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