"Breakfast at Denny's"
(from "Breakfast at Tiffany's" by Deep Blue Something)
(Copyright 1996, Michael D. Lynch - reprinted with permission)

"You say, you don't like McDonald's,
You hate their McMuffins,
They're falling apart.

You say, 'The Waffle House is open,'
But I know they're not open,
I know 'cause I was just there.

(Chorus:) And I said, 'What about breakfast at Denny's?'
She said, 'I think I remember the place,
'And as I recall, I think we both kindof liked it,'
And I said, 'Well then, we're going Dutch!'

I ordered, I told him over easy,
I know he heard me speaking,
I guess I was wrong,

So what now? My eggs aren't over easy.
And I hate when eggs are scrambled,
And my bacon's over done.


-Michael D. Lynch (Snicker Furfoot)
October 30, 1996