I'm not into these dayloggies at all, but this little anecdote is worth a try... Hope you enjoy.

Yesterday evening, as my significant other and myself were leaving some friends house, we had one of the weirdest encounters....

This couple of friends live on the fifth floor. Upon saying goodbye to them, we reach for the usual lift and hit the "zero" button. Some logical hoochie-smoochie follows as the elevator goes down and we stumble out of it as soon as we hear the doors open. But we're not in the basement yet and we notice this rather old lady, understanding she has just stopped the lift on the first floor.

SharK - "Oh sorry Madam', we thought we had reached the basement..."

We go back inside the elevator...

Lady - "Excuse me, I just can't go home."

She's got a weak, barely audible voice and a gaze that begs for mercy.

Lady - "I just can't open my door, the key doesn't work anymore, come and see."
SharK - "Sure, we'll have a look."

My girlfriend nods. The woman leads us to her door and demonstrates how desperatly non-working his lock is.

Lady - "See? I've been having problems with it for about 2 months."
SharK - "May I have a try?"

/me tries and fails to open the damn door. I'm not a lock specialist at all anyway...

SharK - "It really has a problem, I'm sorry to say you'll have to call a locksmith as I cannot do anything for you..."

The look in her face is sader than ever, and her voice fainter and fainter.

Lady - "A locksmith came about one month ago, but it's MAGIC you know... People come here at night to touch the locks and put spells on them... It's some African sorcerer work..."
SharK - "Er..."

The situation gets stuck a little bit to this point as the lady: still can't open her flat's door, doesn't plan to call a locksmith and keeps talking about black magic. We don't know what to do and the need to laugh very noisily at this sorcerer story becomes stronger... The lady eventually makes the next step.

Lady - "There is something with the light in the corridor... I can open the door when it's dark..."

The light switches itself of... My girlfriend is about to switch it back on...

Lady - "Don't switch it back !"

Too late. Maybe my girlfriend was fearing some accomplice thugs would come and assault us, and I admit this idea went through my mind for half a second.

The door still hasn't been unlocked, but she gives it another try and the key eventually performs its normal anticlockwise motion. Quick glance to my girlfriend, bewildered.

Lady - "You see?"
SharK - "Er... Yes..."
Lady - "It's been like that for about two months, sorcerer's magic..."
SharK - "Er... OK... You're safe at home now, take care of yourself, we got to go."
Lady - "Thank you very much Monsieur! Thank you very much!"
SharK - "You're welcome, goodbye!"

Insane laughter ensues in the elevator.
But the corridor light trick remains unexplained...