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/me is a native French.
/me speaks French, English and Spanish.
/me is interested in everything, and as a consequence in Everything.
/me nodes slowly.
/me has obviously fled from this place because it's demanding so much time... but tries to come around now and again and will be happy to help if he can. The e-mailed way should work fine :

Please feel free to spot my grammatical mistakes and to comment/insult/congratulate my writeups


People here keep on asking me why I use a capital K in my nickname, and if there's any relation with my fellow noder SharQ. The answer is : no relation at all, just pure coincidence.


L'ignorance est une forteresse aux portes ouvertes et sans garnison
Ignorance is a fortress with open doors and no garrison.

If anyone knows who said that, please /msg me.

And for your entertainment, more bumper sticker ideas 8D

  • A Node A Day
  • XP Whore Aboard
  • All Roads Lead To Everything

    This place is a hell of a thing. It's exactly the kind of project the Internet is made for. You noders rock!

    By the way, I think E2 deserves more factual noding.
    Therefore, I solemnly covenant that at least 90% of my writeups shall be factual writeups.
    If you think I'm bloody right, just check this out and join.