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Looks like I'm a late one on recapping my day here. I just didn't have the urge last night, I have work to do now so I obviously have to procrastinate and do this instead.

On September 12, 2000 I committed a crime. At least I think so. That crime would be aiding and abetting a fugitive of the law. Here's how the story goes:

My day started off normally, get up late, take a shower, go to my Statistics class. After lamenting once again over the lack of female students (or at least good-looking ones) within my courses, I head on to work. I get to work and start doing my thing.

A friend there pulls me aside and tells me her friend, the palm reader (of September 9, 2000) has escaped a minimum security facility, by jumping through a window. She successfully hitchhiked to Rochester, and needs some help. And so, I go to the rescue.

I drove downtown and met her in front of the Hyatt. She had been hiding in the old subway systms, because apparently her father had alerted the cops that she'd probably try taking a bus back to Binghamton to see her baby daughter. And that was exactly her plan. But she saw them first and took off into the city. Now she needed my help. I drove her over to a mall right by my college, as she requested and another friend of hers was to drive over from Syracuse and take her back to Syracuse. As I was dropping her off she hinted that she'd hope I'd come back and talk to her until her friend arrived, after my night class. And off I went to class.

Learned a little more about use case diagrams and sequence diagrams, and multiplicity and crap like that. I was bored, I had already learned it and done my lab on the subject.

Afterwards I drove over to the mall and caught her just as she was leaving. Her friend could no longer come, she had no plan. I took her out to Wendy's for some dinner and agreed to take her to the bus station to exchange her ticket for one later on that she could catch. Eventually we got to the bust station and got everything settled. No cops, no father. I kept her company a little while and then she left on the 9:25 bus to Syracuse, which would eventually connect to Binghamton. Hopefully she'll get back to her daughter. And hopefully she won't get caught. She's a nice person, a free spirit. And her crimes were all in the past, she simply ahd never settled all of them, so warrants were still oustanding apparently. Oh and she gave me some sweetarts as a thank you, as well as another palm reading.