The first Super NES chapter of the original Mega Man chronicles. Part 7 in the series, the game takes place after Mega Man 6 and follows Dr. Wily's escape from prison and the havoc that ensues when four of his robot masters escape from the lab and search for their creator. With the mad scientist on the loose, Mega Man is called in to help restore order. In terms of overall gameplay, Mega Man 7 is nothing new. Mega Man jumps, slides, and shoots. Some newer additions to the series include the return of the Rush adaptors for flight and high jumps as well as a new search adaptor that allows Rush to dig up items from the ground. The Super Adaptor from Mega Man 6 returns, and Proto Man finally gives up his shield if you can track him down.

Mega Man can also collect bolts to use to purchase items at Auto's Item Shop. Items include the basics such as 1-ups and energy as well as some fancier pieces of equipment, such as an energy balancer. All of the hidden items are available for sale here (minus Protoman's shield), although they are quite expensive. It is more economic to track down the items hidden in stages for yourself. This is the first Mega Man game (outside of the Game Boy versions) to split the traditional group of eight robot masters into two groups of four. When Mega Man defeats the first four, he can proceed to the next group. The eight robot masters are:

Also watch for cameos by the classic robot masters, Guts Man, Cut Man, Heat Man, and Snake Man. There is also a mysterious new robot named Bass (Forte in the Japanese version) who is allegedly also trying to stop Dr. Wily. Can he be trusted?

Interestingly enough, this game contains a hidden versus mode. Enter the following password while holding down the L and R buttons:

Now you and a friend can battle it out, Street Fighter 2-style!

The graphics are different than their NES counterparts. Each character is large and bulky, perhaps a little too much for their own good. Mega Man comes off as a large moving target at times, and it can be difficult to avoid enemy bullets. Fortunately the robot masters are equally larger than life, so it all works out in the end. This game is followed chronologically in the Mega Man timeline by Mega Man 8.