Mega Man The Power Battle is a video arcade game by Capcom. It is a CPS-1 Jamma compatible game, and is one of the few CPS-1 games that does not seem to have a suicide chip. This title was also released in Japan under the name Rockman the Power Battle.

This title is your first chance to take control of Mega Man in an actual arcade game. Before this our blue robotic friend was only available on console systems. The game itself is based primarily on all the Mega Man games that had come before it. You are even allowed to select between several different versions of the Mega Man character. (The Mega Man character evolved as the series went along, and you can pick between several distinct versions of him.)

Gameplay in this game is a combination of the classic Mega Man/Rock Man look, and the Streetfighter 2 feel. You only fight Boss characters in this game, (and the 2 player mode is cooperative instead of competitive). You will recognize all the characters and power-ups, as they were all taken directly from older games in the series. This title is basically just every Mega Man game ever made, with the levels removed. You simply go from one boss to another, until you finish the game by defeating Dr.Wily. Just like in classic Mega Man, you get to have the weapon of each and every enemy you defeat. So you soon end up with quite an impressive arsenal of guns. There are many different play options, so this game does have a bit more replayability that your average fighter.

The marquee to this title shows a both the red Mega Man and the blue Mega Man on a yellow background that resembles an explosion.

This game is emulated under both Callus and MAME. The Callus emulation is a little better on slower machines. This game is really fun, I recommend giving it a try. I have never seen an actual machine with this title installed, so I must assume that it is fairly rare. A quick search of eBay and the database confirmed this theory.

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