One of the robot masters in the Mega Man universe. What makes him stand out from the dozens of other robot masters is that he's appeared in more Mega Man games than any other boss robot (along with Cut Man).

Guts Man first appeared in the original Mega Man game for the NES. The largest of the robot masters, Guts Man was designed for construction and as such sports a hard hat and thick armor. His special weapon, the Super Arm, gives him the ability to lift and hurl large boulders. Apparently Dr. Wily had Guts Man in mind when, in Mega Man 2, he unleashed the Gutsdozer against Mega Man. This massive bulldozer robot sported the head and shoulders of Guts Man attached to a giant steam roller. His ability here was the power to crush things as evident by his massive size.

Sometime in the following years Guts Man was reassembled and placed in the Robot Museum where he was stolen by Dr. Wily in Mega Man 7 for the Super NES. He was retrofitted with a giant clamp and given the ability to shove massive rocks at all who oppose him. However, while he could dish out the pain he couldn't take it. Shoving the rocks back at him is the key to defeating him. The two Mega Man arcade games, Mega Man: The Power Battle and Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters, include Guts Man as a boss character. In these appearances he is in the form of his original appearance in the first Mega Man game. In Rockman and Forte/Mega Man and Bass Guts Man's data sheet appears in the robot master database. A headshot of the robot is also displayed.

Guts Man was last seen in the Sony Playstation title Rockman Battle and Chase, a Super Mario Kart clone featuring Mega Man and friends. Guts Man was a selectable character with a style and personality all his own. Behind the wheel of his car, the Wild Arm, Guts Man can toss giant boulders at other drivers and his custom tires allow him to reach a faster top speed while going uphill than the other drivers. His level is the Mountain Course. While not technically the "real" Guts Man, a NetNavi based on him appeared in the Game Boy Advance game Mega Man Battle Network. This character, GutsMan.EXE, is capable of smashing the playing grid, damaging the play tiles, and inflicting 40 HP of damage to each enemy.