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Zombie Prom 2021

(Still seeing the old photo? Hit shift-refresh to bypass "homenode lotto")

Nearly 20 years later, I've managed to hold my E2 family close despite our fade from the site.

Do not be deceived.

I amwas an Editor, my mission is (still) to help you.
You have only to ask.




when you're rich and famous you can get on CNN and be all like
'hey, I'd just like to say thank you to the salsa jar-weilding assailants
from 11-14-07 in Baltimore for making me the successful individual I am today'
in reference to making my story into a minicomic ~ch'i-lin


randomly amusing findings
February 12, 2007
03:09 Halspal Here's a cool E2 dream.
03:11 Halspal I had an E2 dream almost exactly like that only Andromache01 was a lion tamer and Jack was secretly charging people subscription fees.
03:16 Halspal It seems obvious to me that in her dream, the smiling character evil_vampire represents the lag and the blood/chocolate is nodegel.
03:17 Halspal It also seems clear to me that Audrey needs to lay off of the cough syrup before bedtime.


Ohio or Bust!

The Robbie was not jealous. The Robbie now gets to
wander around Chicago pretending to be the rare
breed of Asian Jew. I need to buy a large ham and
wander downtown now with my new hat.


photography enthusiast


Get Involved
Keep your eye on the gray thoroughbred, Bushfire
and the jockey in purple and yellow diamond pattern


First Annual Noder's Toga and BirthdaySuit Birthday Party

When I grow up, I will invent a way to
cool a homenode so that I can do it to yours.
...stop, you're making me blush...

Eee! Are you my Secret Santa, or are you just
ridiculously nice to starving artists? *hug*
...must be that ridiculously nice thing..


Your LJ led me to flickr, which led me to the
"me - sans glasses" picture. Which led to me going "Wow!"

En Petite Nodermeet
I'm going, are you?

Clams are the kidneys of the ocean.
the gross little kidneys of the dirty dirty ocean


catbox stalking
Servo5678: It rubs the lotion on it's skin, or else it gets Latinos?

I'm a school girl again.
Now to make myself a little pleated skirt.....

miss me?
like a baby harp seal misses puked-up fish. BIG TIME

Don't you tell me what I can't have or else I'll grope your brain boobs

what dreams may come....
The Incredible Hulk shot vanilla pudding from
his candy looking penis all over my leg.

I'm Deviant!!


I would bring you catnip in 40 lb bags
were I in your zipcode..this is true..



I didn't realize that you were a member of
red-headed art chicks with dark framed glasses.


Ye Gods in Heaven. Audrey, will you
bare my hideous children?

Careful biological clock is ticking...

Hooray for THIS Fudge! - coming to a mailbox near you!
vítimo primeiro: MacArther Parker

MacArthur Parker: I will patiently await for you to pack my fudge.

MacArthur Parker: er, patiently await your packing said aforementioned fudge

MacArthur Parker: patiently await your packing OF said-- aaah, heck.

If you mock Scribe's pain, I will show you DEATH.
Just a warning.

Mild warping never hurt anyone - that's why
my father kept me locked in the coal cellar
all Christmas: to build character =)

You affect me in invisible ways

So you're behind the non-gathering gathering.
This is, of course, because I
am a rebel and

Men are filthy, filthy beasts.
maybe... (butt at least I made you laugh! I try my breast to add some humor to your day...)

scribe: my imaginary inch seems too small
servo5678 refrains from making the joke about "inch envy"

Always protect your DNA.

OK, it sounds really weird when you say you're
"breeding for" someone. Sounds like some scary
futuristic genetic engineering program ;-)

    Scribespeak: breeding for = gestating offspring for
You're not breeding for someone, they are the person
you are sexing
. I would also like to involve the Color
Me Badd song "I Want to Sex You Up" if in any way possible.
                                                  Wanna breed?

It's all about the monkey pants.

Dude there is never enough time at these things, that always
kills me. I already knew I would love to talk to you more but
then I found out you have MONKEY PAJAMAS

My friends encourage me to be bad.
Here...I saved this quote from you from last weekend....
"I want to live forever and run wild all over the world
stealing one thing from a dollar store at every town.
...sounds like a Manifesto to ME.


I think from now on I'm going to call you Mary Elizabeth.
I don't know why, but you'd be hot as a catholic school girl.

On your knees bitch...I want satisfaction.

Sometimes I wish I could remember what I said to people....

      eeks. so I'm your pony boy, eh?

allseeingeye says your daring sexuality is an example to us all :P
I demand you scroll down and read about DOOMBOOB!

One nice warm summer day, you'll be walking along and thinking
to yourself that it's one of the best days of your life. Then you'll
run into me and I'll crush you to death with my boobs.


allseeingeye longs for the days when DOOMBOOB rules with an iron nipple!

AnBolb: Roboknockers will destroy us all!

*pats head*..its ok, we already KNEW you was 'tarded....'sok....:)

LaggedyAnne says I want to see the minister of information give a
public speech as an American tank rolls by in the background.
Pay no attention to that mighty rhino! It is not a tank!

When you realize the value of all life, you dwell less on what is past
and concentrate on the preservation of the future.

~Dian Fossey

You must be some kind of lunch lady goddess,
you kept plopping images into my head like a nice
big serving of mixed vegetables.


Just wait till I get to level 6...

All Hail the Giant Eyeball!!
allseeingeye: i hope i run into you one day
scribe: Muhaha! You wish death by mammary? As you shall it be.
allseeingeye: I hope you are fully aware that shit rhymed perfectly ;)
scribe: I didn't actually but I can always pretend I did.
allseeingeye: would it be more of an impact crush or a pressure crush?
scribe: A little of both I think. The impact would knock you to the ground and stun you..then the pressure
would slowly squeeze the life out of you until you were a puddle of ooze on the pavement.
allseeingeye looks forward to the crushing and the oozing ;)
allseeingeye: ah crap, more madness for the homenode case against me.
scribe: now would I do that????????????
allseeingeye: Carelessly Scribe's feet trod upon allseeingeye's life, extinguishing it.
scribe: Carelessly? I think not. All crushing will be well planned and strategically carried out.
allseeingeye takes extreme action, boobytrapping my own skull.
scribe: Boodytraps? My mammoth mammaries will easily overcome your silly devices. I've had special robotic
for just that purpose.
allseeingeye pauses in wiring the nuke to the top of my head. Hmm. This calls for flash photography!
scribe laughs at your weapons of mass destruction. The flash will be easily deflected, blinding you seconds
before her boobs crush you and absorb the nucleur blast in the process.

allseeingeye surrenders and worships the terrible mighty of Scribe's Mythical Chest. Soon we will sacrifice a
virgin to appease the violent volcano god!

scribe: Virgins, yes. That pleases Mounds O'Plenty. Send them into her inner chamber by twos, garbed in white of course.
allseeingeye carefully rigs the first two virgins with expensive recording equipment. The results are incredible! Hugh Hefner would kill for these photos! Oh the HUGE-MANITY!
scribe: I hope you used water proof equipment...
allseeingeye: oh Audrey, I can see we are going to get along famously! now... about those photos...
allseeingeye: Why is it bad to compliment a woman's breasts? Simple: because she will crush you head with them.
scribe: And there you have it. The truth. That which strikes fear into the hearts of men. You've been warned... muhahahahahaha!

allseeingeye: This is so cool! Boobs and instant homenode quotes! TAKE THAT INSTANT OATMEAL!

Things an E2er said that caught my eye:
Damnit! You all smell of sweaty meat! ~CrAzE
I don't masticate, unless my uvula is wet. ~avalyn
E2 has made me cry, but that's only because I'm a wimp. ~ac_hyper
Atheism. Because ritual human sacrifice isn't such a good idea after all. ~dsch
It's time for monkeys. With perhaps a side of lesbians. And soy for desert. ~izubachi
Saddam is any upwardly mobile, subservient and fertile girl's dreamboat. ~Chiisuta
You have been assigned your sock puppet type, LIVE WITH IT! sans nipples ~Conventional oven
Repaying kindness is the easy part on here. The hard part is not repaying meanness. ~wunderhorn1

MacArthur Parker says Damn. You should have your phone number up on your homenode Scribe.I was going to call and be like "This is Johnny Logg from PooPatch Inc. with a fecogram for....Scribe?"

What I'm Reading:
The Hate U Give
Angie Thomas

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Level 4 achieved! Thu Jun 05 2003 at 20:49:25
Level 5 granted! Mon May 16, 2005 at 19:43:16
They made me an Editor November 2007!

"Clark, Audrey's frozen from the waist down.""It's all part of the experience, honey." ~NL: Christmas Vacation
"This is my wife Audrey, she smells a bit, but she has a heart of gold!" ~Montey Python's Flying Circus

Who am I? Shall I scare you with the truth? Or tell the pretty lie? I'm afraid, sometimes, at night. Sometimes when I'm alone I can't believe that I'm real. I don't want to be a weeping mass of emotion, but I am. I spend too much time worrying about stupid things. I am nothing but my sins. My regret sits on the floor like someone else's polaroid photos. To the eyes of common mortals I am invisible.

I want to shout, but I fear I'll be heard.