UPPITY-UP-DATE!!! Okay, officially tha pahty is ovah!!! RAGING SUCCESS!
Dude, the luscious noders are all gone home! ::LOVE::

Friends, noders, countrymen!

Come to Central Massachusetts in March and help me celebrate roman-style, won't you?

Okay, so the toga party bit is just an excuse to get people naked for the wild orgy. But if people aren't comfortable with that idea, it would be fine to just skip the toga and go directly to naked. Or you know, we could just wear clothes. UPDATE: No Roommate! Nakedness abounds!

Either way, I just turned 25 and I'm having a party!!! Cue the circus music and jugglers. (No clowns. I HATE clowns) Be gentle! I have never even *been* to a nodermeet before!

The main party will be on Saturday night, but early arrivals are fine with me. Plans might become more concrete when I get a better idea of who wants to come. Or maybe not. I'm not good at plans. My apartment in Fayville is has a great yard for antics and a fireplace for keeping warm. I'm thinking we will need to include a visit to Julio's (a great liquor store in the Metro-West/Central MA area), a late night trip to Harry's Diner (home cookin!), soup and grilling (rain or shine) and playing with fire of course. There should also be movies and gossiping and ghost stories. Goofing off. Drinking. Chillin. I opened this up to some real-life friends as well, so if you afraid of real-life people, come, confront your fears in a jubilant atmosphere!

  1. No pressuring anyone into getting naked, eating meat, drinking or any what not. No pressure.
  2. No puking in my house or on the deck.
  3. No breaking windows or glass of any kind.
  4. No setting each other on fire without express prior permission.

To sum up:

When: March 10-11, 2007
Where: My apartment.
Why: umm...DUH, you are totally not paying attention, dude. Togas. Alcohol. Food. Confused non-noder roommates and friends. TOGAS!!! Also, my birthday!

NOTATION!: The naked bit is only mostly a joke. I like to be naked...I still figure that if anyone is actually into being nude, we'll put a sign on one of the rooms saying "Naked Room." I'd hate to 1)expose people to naked noders if they were opposed, or 2)prohibit nudity, so we'll have to compromise.

NOTORIETY!: just1wheat graciously pointed out a resource on making your very own toga: http://www.howtomakeatoga.info/. (I'm not linking to it because E2 can't tell that .info is an external link.) And dudes. It's the almost-ides of March, but please don't try to overthrow m government, okay? Toga. Toga. Toga.

The Roster

    Who Came(repeatedly)?
  • NinjaPenguin played our fearless leader as we wandered 'round Boston!
  • izubachi arctic berrified my mom.
  • cbustapeck really bumped his head a couple of times on our CEILING... we are all midgets here!
  • scribe aka Miss September brought awesome cherry-chocolate cake and her lovely sweet self.
  • Pint arrived fashionably on time.
  • creases did not have the fortitude to sample my Krusteaz! Weak! ARCH NEMESIS!!!
  • andromache01 aka Miss Februarybrought carrot cake and cooked enchiladas! Thank You! (You still owe me a recipe though!)
  • We met up with the lovely Hatshepsut and the insanely huggy Mr. Hotel for lunch at Charlie's Kitchen a jaunt through the city on Sunday!

Pictures of Noders!!!

Scribe's Pictures!
Cbustapeck's Pictures!
Angela's Pictures!

Okay, you've been pestering me about aftermath for LONG ENOUGH!

To Sum Up(Later):

Every man who lives to be 25 years old has a 26th birthday, and I am no different, the only exception being that I am not a man. This is the story of that day. Except, you know, a week later.

I drove miles and miles through the dark and balmy Massachusetts night, to pause at the bus stop long enough to pick up my contact. He said his name was Izu, but no one uses their real names in this place. Later than night, the rest of the collective (names withheld to protect innocents) arrived, stealing in my back door with briefcases full of the stuff, and baked goodies.

"I'm sorry- and your name is?"
"Uhh, it's Angela."
"Ohhhhh, you're, ahh... okay."

Then the "your mom" jokes began. A solid stream of pure mother-loving, hating, comparing to various beverages and foods... we had to be stopped! But there was no one to stop us, the your mom jokes were just TOO FUNNY!

After exhaustive briefings, we dreamt and slept in beds of varying comfort levels.

Morning came, (like it does), and we found ourselves groggy and in need of a munch, so we trucked our whole contingent over to the SunnySide Cafe for some greasy-spoon hospitality.

We all seemed in need of some adventure, so I suggested, ::gasp:: THE LARGEST FABRIC STORE IN NEW ENGLAND! (Coincidentally located in the largest remaining Township in the country. The ladies seemed pleased with this idea, so we headed out and I proceeded to navigate my carload until we were desperately lost. Some cellphone communication and three wrong (sorry cletus!) turns later, and we arrived at the magnificent Fabric Place (creative, ain't they?). It was big. Some of us got lost under folds of silk and linen and wool. We groped, regrouped, and flew back to the house where we proceeded to....Knit. Spin. Sleep. Hugg. A lot.


Someone thought it would be a good idea to watch an Oingo Boingo concert("I-I-I Love little girls, they make me feel so good...") I think Izu was a little scandalized. Or bored. The pictures capture this better than words can...

"Okay, new rule. Rule #5: No dumping on the kitchen floor."

Ninjapenguin had just arrived, just as I came back from picking Jack up (off his bum) at the train station. Then the foood! Since I was hell-bent on firing up the grill to honor the lucky lucky snatch of Vernal weather we were having, I strapped on the skeleton apron and grilled the fight out of some sausages and such. Meanwhile in the kitchen, a flurry of chicken shredding yeilded the YUMMIEST enchiladas ever, which were promptly wolfed down by hungry noders.

Between the Screaming Yellow Zonkers and Izu's Blue Plum Brandy(I don't remember who makes it, Slivovitz or sommat?), we got ourselves nice and loose for a game of Apples to Apples. Izu had it RIGGED, man, he is an Apples fiend!

There may or may not have been some ::cough::accidental boob exposure::/cough::

More sleeping.

Next morning, after Creases had sampled my Boobary to his heart's content, we all headed into town to hook up with Ninjapenguin, Hatshepsut and Mr. Hotel, to play tourists. We ate lobster melts, and said goodbye to Izu, Scribe and Cbustapeck. Then we shuffled about Paul Revere's grave, and found solace from the evil yellow dayball in a musty used bookstore. Then tasty tasty dinner in an italian restaurant in the North End. No more late nights, by now the remaining noders were so tuckered out that they fell to sleep immediately on hitting pillow at 9pm. Well, sorta.

More goodbyes in the morning... This part is so sad, I want you all back, now, please!

Okay, so all in all, I had a lot of fun you guys, I loved chilling with yous.

Thank you guys, no seriously, thank you.

Let's do it again, okay?

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