A fun multi-player card game played with specialized cards as follows:

You have two sets of cards, one with green backs and one with red backs. On the faces of the green cards are printed adjectives, and on the faces of the red cards are printed nouns and noun phrases.

Each round starts with each player holding an equal number of red cards in his/her hand. One player plays the judge. S/he draws a card from the green stack, reads the adjective on it, and places the card face up on the table. All of the other players choose the card from their hand with the noun or noun phrase that best fits that adjective and place it face down.

Now, here's where the tricky (and fun) part comes in: whoever is the last player to play a red card has to retract it. This means you have to be quick, which means you don't have time to weigh your options. And sometimes this means you put down really stupid or funny cards.

The judge randomly shuffles the cards and lays them out, one by one, reading them aloud as s/he goes. S/he then chooses the one that s/he feels is a best match. Whoever played that card gets the green card as a marker of score. Every player who played a red card draws a new one from a stack of face-down red cards, and then judge-ship rotates to the next person.

The first player to get to four green cards wins.

The noun phrases on the red cards sometimes are of the form "my whatever", and my is interpreted from the point of view of the judge. So, in my most recent game, someone played my love life as a noun phrase for the adjective magical when I was playing judge. This was widely regarded as sucking up, but it was also the card that I chose. (It turned out that my primary had played it, so it was also egotistical. But funny.)

Sometimes, due to the pressure to be quick, people will consciously play a card that is blatantly unrelated to the target adjective. For instance, I once played charging rhinos to cheerful, partially because I wanted to get it out of my hand, and partially because I found it amusing.

The game is published by Out of the Box Publishing LLC, and is marked as being for four to ten players.

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