An excellent C language tutorial written by Greg Perry in 1994 and published by Sams Publishing. Included is Version 1.0 of the Borland Turbo C++ compiler, and of course, would any reference manual be complete without a tear-away quick reference page?

True to it's name, the book is organized into 12 lessons, each containing 2 units, homework, and a project. It is designed in such a way that you can master an entire unit in one sitting. The units are very well explained so even someone with no programming experience whatsoever can do just about anything in C by the time he/she has finished reading the book. (sockets excluded and I never did figure out the need for pointers..)

The primary focus of the book, as is in any good programming tutorial, is teaching well structured and easily maintainable coding techniques with a strong emphasis on commenting.

Overview of each lesson and the units contained therein:
  1. Programming with C
    1. Computer Programming and C
    2. The Turbo C++ Compiler

  2. Meeting C Programs
    1. Style Issues
    2. Output with printf()

  3. Data Basics
    1. Numeric Data
    2. String Data and Input Gathering

  4. Simple Operators
    1. Fundamental Math Operators
    2. Relational and Logical Operators

  5. Upgraded Operators
    1. Special Operations
    2. Advancing with Bitwise Operators

  6. Looping Back and Forth
    1. Spending a While with while
    2. Use C for Looping

  7. Taking Charge
    1. Controlling Loops and Branching
    2. Power with switch

  8. Breaking It Up with Functions
    1. The C Library of Functions
    2. Building Your Own Functions

  9. Lots of Data
    1. Arrays Multiply Storage
    2. Pointers Simplify

  10. Consolidating Items
    1. Structure with struct
    2. Allocating Memory

  11. Long-Term Storage
    1. Sequential Files
    2. Random Access Files

  12. Your C Future
    1. Advanced Issues in C
    2. What's This C++ All About?

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