I'm having a good day. I got up at 10:30a (after being up until 4:30a reinstalling Linux, BeOS, and Windows 2000 again) and met Sam and Derek at the Belmont stop on the Red Line. I was fifteen minutes late, but hell, they were like a half hour late last time we met in that manner.

We went to this place called The Apartment People on Broadway to look for an apartment to move into. It's become urgent because Derek's about done with school and he needs someplace to throw his shit.

We filled out a form with a little information about us, waited 45 minutes on the nice couch, then talked with Kim about places. We really sounded like tards. We finally found about 4 places, and she got her car keys (now is this real estate or what?) and we went to the places. The first one I called an electrician's nightmare. There were like 4 outlets in the whole three bedroom apartment. It was dirty too. The second one was nicer than the first, but dirty as all bloody fucking hell. The third was awesome. Garden apartment, but still cool. There was slight water damage on the living room floor, but otherwise, you could tell the landlord or whoever took excellent care of the place. We went back to The Apartment People and Kim strangely like morphed from this cool chick to like this real estate demon. We mentioned how we were looking at one more place Tuesday and she like instantly started with the "these places are going fast" speech. Blah.

After The Apartment People, we were on the way back and I wandered into Reckless Records. Sam was like "I guess we're going in here," and I was like "Yeah." So I was looking at their used electronic shit and Sam came up to me after a while and was like "We're taking off. We've gotta go to Chinatown to buy that sword." I was like "Ok. Come by my house when you get back." So they left and I was looking.

Like the past few days I've been dying for some new drum 'n' bass shit, so I was going through them. I picked out something called nonex and something else called the versatility compilation. I also grabbed Ec8or, just to see if it sucked or not. I love places with listening stations. I was enthralled with the versatility compilation almost immediately, and I do believe I will end up in love with this nonex thing, but the Ec8or CD sucked. It had good things to it, but it was way too much like Atari Teenage Riot (as in GET RID OF THAT FUCKING CHICK! SHE'S FUCKING ANNOYING AFTER A WHILE!!!). So I did what I never do and actually bought CDs at the store.

With Sam and Derek gone, I was in the state that I get into when I roam the city alone; I really can't explain; it's just a feeling. Anyways, I headed back to the train station, and on my way waiting for a light to change on the corner of Belmont and Clark, I was offered drugs. Nice. I then went to Chicago Comics, and bought myself the new set of the Simpsons Pez dispensers. They're way cool. I then proceeded back to the train, stopping on the way to go to the Kokomo Caffe and got a banana smoothie. It was the shit. I got on the train, and headed back.

As I'm walking home from the train stop, and I noticed who else but Sam and Derek ahead of me a bit on the sidewalk. I run up to them and said hi.

I don't know. Today was cool.