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  • cutting a little alligator out of paper

    • In Woolworth's, looking through the lipsticks. I desperately wanted the one called "Nipples." The manager came over and made stupid conversation with me and I think he knew I wanted to steal it. Yes, proper color selection is important. Don't want to shock the boys, do we?
    • Watching the weather channel, I was able to peer into any weather observatory in the country, and remotely control the camera there. Texas was boring, so was Tennessee. It was raining almost everywhere. The Alaska one was getting a beating, and the sound was unbelievable - angry rain, trying to get into the building, scary even translated over wires, so far away. I tilted the camera up to look at the glass dome. It was cracking. Was it the weight of accumulated rain, or the force of the new rain falling? Didn't matter, it wanted in, and it was getting its way. The wind and the breaking glass and the rain thundering down were too much and I had to shut it off.

    • Walking to the library. I was hoping for lots of reasons that I didn't see anyone I knew. I saw my dad up ahead, walking with Victoria. Was he taking her home? I was confused. I sast on a low stone wall and pretended not to see them, hoping they would give me the same courtesy. They didn't. I looked down the whole time they talked to me, knowing how hairy my legs were.
    • Thanksgiving. She told him not to take pictures of her making dinner, she was too hot and frazzled. Flipping through the photos, I saw she was beautiful in all of them, except for the last one, where her face was gnarled in a grimace and she lunged at the photographer with a knife.

    • At home for Christmas. Almost done with presents when I found one marked "Jack Davis." I asked the two boys cuddling in the recliner if they ever saw him, and they said yes, all the time. Why hadn't I asked them long ago? I could have found him by now.

      A tarantula came after me across the rug. I jumped out of the way and it turned and came straight for me again. I picked it up and felt its horrible back pincers grabbing my hand like little blades. I threw it. It bounced off the wall and came for me, faster. Meh! it said. No one else seemed to be bothered by any of this. Are you not paying attention? This tarantula can talk! It just said Meh!

    • Sitting behind the scenes, it felt like the garage annex stairs of Boorman House, dark dusty wooden floor. We were exhausted after the show. I'd only been backstage but felt as if I'd been the one in the lights. So much to get done in zero time, and we had all pulled it off. I sat with my back against the cool wall. One of the brothers came and sat on my lap, snuggling against me. All right, Liam, enough nonsense, you know I've had enough of you.

      He laughed and showed me the new flyers. On the front was the obligatory stuff about the band re-forming indefinitely for the tour. Below that was a patch of rough gray match-scratching stuff, labeled Jessicapierce. I took out a match and tried to light it. The match broke and I tried another, which failed to light, and I tried another. What am I doing wrong? Liam was falling over laughing. It's a joke, don't you see? Don't you see what we're trying to say? I wasn't sure I liked it.

  • i just paid the rent, so why do I need to steal from the neighbors? my roommate is redecorating her half of the apartment, i need to do laundry. it's not your office anymore, Dad, get your corkboards and masking tape off my living room walls! who stole the toilet? I can't just piss in the hamper. Dad, why are you still here? don't come in, K.-, I am pissing, and no one wants to see or even hear me piss. let's take a walk, there's a nice public school building, it must be pretty old to have all those crosses... do not enter... hey, kid, that sign said "do not enter"... now a whole family slips under the chain, going in... bees! the buzzing is like a great roaring machine in the school. they swarm! we run back to the house, luckily I have an old pink flannel sheet, but I can't seem to wrap it around me to keep the bees out while I run away run away
    (dreamscape: Barboursville winery, Virginia)

    A friend I don't know and myself walking in foggy, under-lit alleyways searching for the evil-doer that has been plagueing our city. Stepping lightly, as I feared impending doom onto a flight of a fire escape, I was seized around the neck by a barbed chain. I felt blood pour from my neck, panic seized me when I couldn't breathe. Large fishing hooks flew from below to grab my flesh, opening gaping bloody wounds. The weird thing was that I wasn't worried or scared anynore. There were people around me who looked at me with surprise, but did nothing except their own business.

    I am in the hospital for some reason. It has someting to do with the time I hurt my foot in my senior year of high school. People, including my family, are looking all over for videos of the event (in real life, there were no videos). I get out of the hostpital, and I am in Nutloaf's car with 2 of my other friends, David and Nick. We are talking about my cast, and driving.

    For some reason, we pick up 2 pretty girls, about our age. I work hard not to make any social mistakes. We discuss where to get dinner. This is always a major point of contention among my friends. One of the girls suggests Fujin. It is vetoes because we have eaten there to often recently. We turn a corner, and we are in Seaside, Oregon (instead of Portland, where we go to school). There is a Chinese restaurant; Nutloaf says it's good. We decide to go there, and try to park. For soem reason, David is driving (in real life, he doesn't know how to drive). Every time we go into a parking lot, there are tables set up there - the restaurant has like 4 parking lots of seating. Eventually, David drops us off and goes to park (but he's somehow still at the table). A plate of sashimi is on the table. I reach for some and

                                                       I awaken.
    I am Bruce Willis in a similar role as The Sixth Sense, however instead of a little kid who can see dead people, I am looking after this blind, black girl who has a uncanny sense of finding ways to avoid things without a walking stick.

    Most of the dream is spent kind of watching her do things and stuff, then she says all the sudden that we are in trouble. I search the house and look for trouble and find a cloud of natural gas hiding in a closet. It is actually very opaque, like it's a real cloud or something. I yell to everyone in the house, "UNPLUG THE PHONES! Everyone proceeds to unplug the phones.

    The End

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