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  • Someone had left a giant wooden dinosaur in the middle of the road and I had to swerve around it. It was silver. I just barely had enough room. The radio kept yapping about free tickets to Citizen Kane, but they wouldn't tell any details. In the beginning I had no interest in seeing it, but they talked about it so much, I figured I must be missing something huge. When I got home I looked up "Citizen Kane" but all that came up were little kids' webpages where they listed it as their favorite movie. So I did a search on "Carol Metcalf," and it worked - there was everything about Citizen Kane I ever wanted to know.

  • Outside the hospital I climbed up the side of the dumpster and found a man inside. All I could see was his arm. Flash to him inside, a nurse begging him to throw up. I thought surely there's something else they can do for him but no one else seemed to think so.

  • Turning onto the exit ramp I knew it was a bad idea, I could see total gridlock below but it was too late to turn around. Suddenly without my car, I hopped down off a loe concrete wall onto the road. No cars there either, just rows of silent people in folding chairs, staring ahead, crammed as close together as they could go. When it was time to move they grabbed the sides of their chairs and scooted forward an inch at a time. The road went away and I was climbing up a hill with Eugenie and Wendy and trying to get through a tanglebush in the dark.

  • The boys (grown-up boys) were playing with parachute men, calucating how long it would take them to fall and what velocity of wind was necessary to make them drift over the pool. I don't know why they wanted GI Joe to drown.

    Teo was lying against me in the dark beside the pool. The music shifted everyone's body, no way around that. One chorus was nice to listen to but didn't keep us comfortable against each other. I laughed. Teo honey this song just isn't ever going to make you happy, is it? Once I said it out loud, the problem went away.

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