I am in the hospital for some reason. It has someting to do with the time I hurt my foot in my senior year of high school. People, including my family, are looking all over for videos of the event (in real life, there were no videos). I get out of the hostpital, and I am in Nutloaf's car with 2 of my other friends, David and Nick. We are talking about my cast, and driving.

For some reason, we pick up 2 pretty girls, about our age. I work hard not to make any social mistakes. We discuss where to get dinner. This is always a major point of contention among my friends. One of the girls suggests Fujin. It is vetoes because we have eaten there to often recently. We turn a corner, and we are in Seaside, Oregon (instead of Portland, where we go to school). There is a Chinese restaurant; Nutloaf says it's good. We decide to go there, and try to park. For soem reason, David is driving (in real life, he doesn't know how to drive). Every time we go into a parking lot, there are tables set up there - the restaurant has like 4 parking lots of seating. Eventually, David drops us off and goes to park (but he's somehow still at the table). A plate of sashimi is on the table. I reach for some and

                                                   I awaken.