Uhm, have you smoked any marijuana? UNgngnnng noonhkslgdlkgurlg

So it was around 9 at night when they pulled us over.
They're pulling us over.
We're fucked.
There were five of them.
There's five of them.
Oh shit.
And I'm thinking, who's idea was it to smoke on Palm Beach? And didn't I say I wouldn't do this again? Whatever. My friend opens his window and smoke billows out.
What do you think of the war on drugs?
Well that's a strange question; what's the motive of that? What do they know? What do they NOT know? Boy it's good to be sitting in the back...
The war on drugs? Well, it's cool. Yeah, I mean...
Really, it wasn't until we got out of the car that I passed out. The officer leaned towards the back, shining a flashlight in my face - I stared at him, feeling a little glazed.
Yes, sir.
And I could actually stand up for a good 60 seconds. And I convinced the paramedics, when they showed up, that I was fine. And I stared at the ground for what may have been hours; as the lights danced on the road and the hedges, and the aristo-plastic Palm Beachers drove by, slowing down to stare at us with vacant alarm.
I know.
Were we really that entertaining? One of the officers was a nice girl just out of school, and who gave periodic corrections to her commanding sergeant - this gray-haired, bitter-looking man who talked a lot like a boar would if it could, ..she kept giving corrections to protocol and paperwork; tidbits that clearly annoyed him. She seemed assured that we were lucky it wasn't a lot worse.
So you guys just experimenting?
You're lucky it wasn't a lot worse.
And in any case I didn't even have anything on me. Our driver was 18, so he was given a court date; the other passenger was 17 and got taken to 'juvenile assessment' something or other, and I was let go.
Did you smoke any marijuana?
Uh, no.
Who, me? No way. I'm just lying down in the road in front of a police car because I like to fall down, in the road, in front of police cars. Did you know that I'm a genius? I am not of your element, or of the pearl people of this island; look at them ... that goddamn woman with the diamond ear rings; she stared in my eyes for at least thirty hours and I think she's fucking dirty.