E-ROTIC is the most sexually charged band on the planet. Their unique brand of dance pop mixes the driving beats of "normal" dance music with sexual moans and suggestive lyrics. Originally established in 1994 by Lyane Leigh and Raz-Ma-Taz (Richard Michael Smith), E-ROTIC started a musical story with Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex. From there, our female star goes on a binge of men, trying to fill the void left in her life by her ex.

In February 1996, NEW E-ROTIC released their first single, Help me Dr. Dick. New E-ROTIC is comprised of Jeanette Christensen and rapper Terence d'Arby. The change of lineup was kept a secret, and Lyane continued to sing on albums until Gimme Gimme Gimme in 2000. In October 1996, d'Arby left the group and was replaced by Ché Jouaner for the rest of the run.

Many of E-ROTIC's songs have been featured in Dancemania mix CD's and Japanese versions of Dance Dance Revolution (3rd and 4th Mix). It is doubtful whether or not these songs will ever been in the American versions, as their subject matter is much more questionable by American standards. E-ROTIC may seem like a band exploiting a gimmick, but for Eurobeat its actually quite good.

Singles by Ex E-ROTIC
Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex
Fred Come To Bed
Sex On The Phone
Willy Use A Billy...Boy

Singles by New E-ROTIC
Help Me Dr. Dick
Fritz Love My Tits
The Power Of Sex
Gimme Good Sex
Turn Me On
The Winner Takes It All
Queen Of Light (thanks CatherineB)

Sex Affairs
Power of Sex
Sexual Madness
Thank You For The Music
Greatest Tits
Kiss Me
Mambo No. Sex
Gimme Gimme Gimme
Missing You
Dancemania presents E-ROTIC Megamix