An event where employers go to meet job seekers. The job seekers can then network with the employers to find out what kind of jobs and/or careers are available. Below are a few tips on how to prospect employers at a job fair.
  1. Dress and act professionally. Keep in mind that the first impression is often a lasting impression.

  2. Talk to everyone! A company may be present to fill a particular vacancy within the organization, but that does not mean that a job may be available with that company in your profession.

  3. Bring your resume. An employer needs to know your educational background and the job skills you possess, and he/she can't expect to recall everything from when he/she met you at their booth. A well-written resume will give the employer and the company all the information they need.

  4. Get their business card. Follow up with your prospective employer after the job fair. If you were referred to another person within the company by the representative at the job fair, get the name and number of that person, and speak with them after the job fair.

By following the above outline, you should be able to get the most out of a job fair, plus be able to enjoy all the free stuff the employers give away. At some job fairs I've gone to, I've seen employers give away Slinkys, Silly Putty, keychains, and fortune cookies.

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