Granted, America isn't perfect, but we do have an enormous amount of checks.
I'm concerned because nothing was mentioned of Miranda (specifically: right to counsel). Also, law firms and lawyers in private practice sometimes take cases without compensation (pro bono). And, lawyers will sometimes take cases where their fee is a percentage of the damages.

There is a time limit in which legal action can be brought (statute of limitations). Often we think of this statute as a tool for law enforcement agencies, but it is certainly a tool for individuals as well -- for example, it affords an individual the time to bring forth legal action.

It is the role of law enforcement to serve and protect (why do we need that protection?).

We do not have a national public health care system that provides coverage to all individuals, but if Medicare serves as any micro-model, the abuses are many -- not the fault of the government, but due to greed (there are abuses through private health care (HMO's, for example) but, once again, due to greed).

Minimum Wage
We do have minimum wage law. We also have a public education system and numerous ways of funding higher education -- be it formal or technical -- via grants, scholarships, and loans (opportunities to go beyond minimum wage).

I don't know about INS practices, but I assume the topic is in regard to those who specifically enter the country seeking asylum.

Human rights issues have been uncovered concerning our trade agreement with China, and conditions imposed. How far should the U.S. go toward policing other countries? (is this not one of the sources of bitterness toward the U.S.?)

Guns ownership increased due to fear of random shootings (eg., drive-bys and freeway shootings), and robberies. When it looked like gun laws (eg., the Brady bill) were going to be "too restrictive" the NRA came out to play.

Anyhow, many checks are present within our system...

it'd be interesting to know how many people who believe in noble slogans like, "Live free or die" will ever have to make such a choice.