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One mission is to be more like Chihuahua Grub via legitimate means ;-)
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You see that BIG, white space (unimproved property) over there to the left? One day, I hope to have my Kool-Aid stand business there.
"It was beauty that killed the beast."
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Random Nodes, April-August, 2001
Nodes your grandma would have liked:

girls who want to f*ck, just to f*ck
Spanking your monkey
I miss the mob
rug burn
weird@ss softlinking
How to Spot the Leader of a Biker Gang
you are the glittery disco ball of my dreams
farm tractors
talking to crazies
air drumming
lunch ladies enjoy acid, too
God, schmod! I want my monkey-man!
Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling
nice long beating
give the dirty b@stards a sponge bath.
15 signs that the Pope may be your Secret Admirer

Chatterbox, August 5, 2001 (Haiku thread)

11:58 <ariels> WAIT! EVERYBODY STOP TALKING UNTIL I HAIKU Windows Error 0x00002757. (If I don't, continue saying nothing)

12:03 gnarl thinks ariels needs to haiku seinfeld episodes. there's 177 of em.

12:03 <ariels> too much content, gnarl.

12:04 <AwkwardSaw> You know what I hate? Rhetorical questions.

12:04 <ariels> Also the puddle water was disgusting.

12:04 <ariels> (is) That why you make sure to answer them?

12:04 <Gritchka> About 500 Members of Congress need haikus to replace JeffMagnus's vers libre renditions.

12:04 <gnarl> kramer opens door/ hair akimbo, eyebrows raised/superman falls down.

12:04 <Romany> ah! you could haiku rhetorical questions!

12:06 <ariels> Why would I do that? Why not wish for summer rain? Would it not get nuked?

12:08 <Gritchka> Member Orrin Hatch / heads Ways and Means Committee / stalls bills till winter.

12:09 <AwkwardSaw> I do not know why/It means it's not a beach day/Two words: Node Heaven.

12:10 <ariels> So we're all agreed we can go back to writing our Windows haiku error messages, then?