A female version of WWF. One of the TV shows in my lineup on saturdays back in the day. Unfortunately, not all of the characters were gorgeous. A very far cry from the lady 'wrestlers' you see these days...like Sable and Chyna.

G.L.O.W. definately did not try to make people believe that what they were doing was real in any way, shape or form. Not only did they wrestle, they sang, danced and acted in little skits in between matches. They had names like Lady Godiva who rode in on a white horse and had a full bodysuit that made her look as though she were naked. Kind of hard to wrestle naked wouldn't you think? Too many dangling body parts, no?

Why did I watch it? Well aside from the fact there was nothing else on at the time, I watched it for the same reasons everybody watches Baywatch, to watch their T&A shake and jiggle!

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