Overslept big time. Got to work at 1030. Not that it mattered much, no scheduled meetings today and I spent part of yesterday at work, so I attributed the late arrival to flexing.

Scandinavian Airlines has been trying to reach me. Checking their website, my booking seems to be alright - but hey, this is the Internet Age, which means that You Never Really Know. Hopefully it's just the fact that they won't be able to deliver the tickets to my home address before tomorrow and want me to pick them up at the airport instead. But You Never Really Know. I'll probably book some kind of backup later today, just in case.

Things to do:
  1. Check with the boys in the Linköping office if there is some smooth way to transfer data and metadata from DB/2 to Oracle.
  2. Check which version of the codebase the pilot project will run on.
  3. Call J and make some plans regarding movies later this week.
Update 1539: Cancelled my booking. I'm going home by train instead. The net cost of the trip will be about the same, but I won't have the chance to Meet The Dormies - some of whom Yours Truly will move in with Real Soon Now, if everything goes according to plan (Yeah, right).
The deltas on the trip:
Travel time: +30 h. Effective vacation time: -1.5 days.

Today's Soundtrack: Geneva - If you have to go