I was at some rocky shore, and saw a girl there. I walked to her, but another man came to her too. Apparently he didnt know her either, but he said something to her in french, and she answered in french as well. I said "Err, I think finnish wont be as impressive", but I dont remember what happened then.. At least I helped her stop an unknown nuclear torpedo with five large wings, and it turned out that she was from some nature organisation, and she asked me to come with her to report about it. We ran into artifically built cave with her, and she got a pet tiger on a leash. There was a tiger guarding the way, but though we were both suprised about where that had came from, she let her tiger loose to fight the other tiger. Her pet won, and we left it to rest while we continued. We got to a huge, metallic, underground base with underwater passage for submarine loading, lots of radars and stuff, and torpedoes and missiles in several levels. She red the radar screen and told that the leader of the organisation was coming this way, and while she opened communications, I climbed ladders to highest level that had a door to level outside the mountain. She said "We have disabled an unknown torpedo but though the leader answered her politely, I knew she was naive to believe it. I saw an ermonous, square-shaped object approaching the shore, just half meter underwater. It had multiple huge tanks on its sides, held in place with heavy and complex metal net around the whole thing. Its whole surface was covered in details, but some of it became very visible as it rose its top to the surface and several weapon ports on its surface opened. The woman hadnt noticed anything, but I shouted her to take cover as I saw light trace bullets and artillery bombards flying towards the mountain. I just got inside before the walking level outside got twisted by several cannon rounds before chrashing down by weight of rocks separated from the wall by a large explosion. The wall shook, and I nearly fell from the ladder, but I got to the floor and looked for the girl before the roof would collapse. She had left, so I ran to an open doorway at the opposite side of the room. Small rocks and sand dust fell after each explosion from outside, but the doorway led to metal tunnel that held in shape though high piece of the wall next to it fell, chrushing communications equipment under it. I still heard the muffled voices of the explosions while I ran in the tunnel, but soon I heard the girs voice from ahead of me. She was waiting for me in a round room with round hatch in the middle of its floor. She told that we have to save a tech before we leave, so I opened the hatch and climbed the ladder down to a dark cave. This was a natural cave under the mountain, half filled with water, and the huge underwater thing that attacked us was visible outside the cave. I ran across the metal bridges and levels built inside the cave, and found a door from the side of the cave, leading to a room separate from the main complex. The messy-haired tech was tied on a dentist chair and gagged, and he naturally was grateful for his release. We didnt have much time though, as a mini-submarine was already coming into the cave. We ran to the ladder and got up, while scubadivers opened fire with machineguns, but I got only a slight wound on my leg before we sealed the hatch again. Then, I woke up..