It was one of those roller coaster (multi-)days from hell. I usually try to avoid adding daylogs about snippets from my so-called life, but this is cheap therapy.

I'm in the midst of buying a new house, one we can barely afford but the one we'll "keep". Tuesday the 28th was our closing date... until last Sunday, when the financing just blew up in our faces. It was a bait-and-switch tactic, where we would normally have to take whatever they offered if we really wanted the house. We told them to screw off, then moped about losing the house. I was supposed to pack this last weekend, and I ended up selling some of my favorite stuff, including my MIDI drum kit (a Yamaha DS-10). It looked like it was all for naught.

Monday, the roller coaster goes uphill. New financing is found, but there are a few hundred hoops to jump through. I faxed more things on Monday than I've ever faxed before in my whole life. Downhill:They turn us down (damn banks!)

Level track: A private lender is found, but we cannot close on Tuesday. Wednesday at 2pm is the current time. Uphill: Got another job offer to teach, $30/hr. Uphill into Mount Olympus: I was just promoted to E2 God. Yet more uphill: It was Riverrun's birthday, happy anniversary of your 29th birthday! Giant uphill: Simonc sent me a huge CASE of Tim Tams, which my wife complains about (while eating them; Tim Tams are exempt from dieting rules).

Oh, no that's many uphills in a row. If there's an accompanying downhill, I may be in an institution.

Well, thank you for allowing me to vent. One of the projects I'm going to work on concerns the help system/FAQs on E2. If you have any suggestions, drop me a /msg.