I fscking hate my movers. I'm sitting here on my little P-233 laptop, normally just used for an xterm, when I wonder, "Hey, why don't I just get my server set up so I don't have to struggle wih the pathetic CPU on this thing?" After searching through 4 boxes, I find all of my kit. Connect everything up, and I'm all set to adjust my DNS zone files and ifconfig, when I hit the power button. *BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEP* ... *BEEP* WTF? What happen? I jump on my laptop and get the manual for my motherboard. 8 beeps... The video adapter memory isn't syncing. 1 beep... The DIMMs aren't syncing. Great. Just fscking great. And, just for fun, Matrox doesn't make my video card anymore. Bastards. At least I was able to update Rygel XVI and Clan Lamont to get some good out of the day.