Well, last day of spring break... it was fun while it lasted.
With bob the cow and other family, I went to the Atlantis on Paradise Island in the Bahamas for a week.
So, obviously had a great time, a little too much sun, though. I am now sporting a nice sunburn but hopefully a little tan.
I also tried, for the first time, sun-in for my hair, and it is lighter, although not blonde. More of a lighter dirty-blonde (a little lighter than I was before).

So, spent the whole week in the sun, swimming in the ocean and the numerous pools that are in the resort. We didn't meet anyone famous but we heard that Michael Jordon and Dustin Hoffman were there. We had met some ladies before and it turns out that they had met, shook hands with, and got a picture with Dustin Hoffman but we couldn't find him...

So, only a couple more hours of freedom and then back to school... although only a few more months of that too!

I am spending these precious hours with Everything2 and listening to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on tape (actually on winamp: we downloaded it).

I also watched The X-files, the first new episode for a while!! Yay! Oh, happy April Fools Day!