When I first heard this album I was highly impressed with the range of musical styles, the use of unique vocal and instrumental melodies and most of all the skillful syncopation and unexpected rhythms of lead singer John McCrea's voice.

Since Cake is one of the few bands today who's lyrics I can easily understand without the use of liner notes, my opinion of the album soured significantly upon further listenings as I became more and more familiar with the subject matter.

As cool as these songs are, I couldn't help thinking that they sounded like the work or tortured misogynist fourteen-year-olds. And this album had so much potential. Here is my song-by-song breakdown:

Now that I got that out of my system, I propose that you buy this album, rip it and then burn the tracks in a different order. This is what would work for me, but as always YMMV:

Yes, I left out Friend. Because I don't like it. But I think this order has a much better feel to it - more uplifting, and it gets all the morose break up crap out of the way early.