Today was supposed to be a normal kind of day for me. My mother was visiting Wales so that her boyfriend could see his children before they started school again. I had my girlfriend stay the night and we were going to watch a movie and fall asleep as per usual.

Today was not a normal day for me

It was about 3:30 am and my eye lids were beginning to fall. The movie had ended and I was about ready to sleep, so that in mind I switched the VCR off and lay down. My elvish ears seemed to pick something up at this point though, some incredibly slight noise coming from downstairs.

naturally curious, I took a step outside of my room and the noise continued. Common sense kicked me in the head at this moment, telling me that it's probably coming from next door or maybe an animal outside, although my imagination was still urging me to at least check it out.

I walked sleepily into my mothers room looking for something large and heavy as a precautionary measure. I found a large hammer and proceeded to clomp downstairs. As I reached the bottom step, without hearing or seeing a single moving thing other than myself, I knew there was someone downstairs with me. I kicked the door open and heared some noise in the back room. I jumped to the door and from there I saw this fucking huge guy standing on my window sill, quite obviously there with the intention of theft. In panic I screamed, rather loudly I thought, and the burgler did just the same thing. The last I seen of him was him pulling himself up to the window, at which point I had turned and belted my way back upstairs.

I woke my girlfriend up and forced out the words "There's a fucking guy downstairs, I'm not shitting you!". I searched the floor of my room for a phone and dialed 999. The police took their time to get here, took a statement from me and tried to calm me down. Luckily nothing was taken from my house. It seemed as though he was just on his way in when I disturbed him. I dread to think what might have happened to me if he hadn't have had a clear exit.

I have never been this frightened in my entire life, and I hope I never have to experience it again, although something inside tells me it's going to happen again at some point in my life.

My nerves are fucking shot, I doubt I'll be sleeping tonight.

My computer was not harmed during this burglery. Thank the high heavens.