>Please send me a brief hello, if you could, if only to get
>your email addresses into my new system. I hope not to
>lose your addresses through this account.

Knowing where to contact a cellist can only be a good thing, even in such rare moments as when a cello is not in demand. Without such reserves lying in wait our cultural capital would surely crumble beneath the insidious and encroaching imperialism of Detroit house and four-on-the-floor, leaving us gasping weakly for air and twitching in supplicance at the hole in the middle of Americana, begging for a scrap perhaps of N'Sync-chewed french toast or new revelations towards the use of adhesives in the world of fashion.

My parents just got back from a week in Cuba. Imagine! A place on this earth where you cannot drink Coca-Cola or eat McDonalds! But soon, too soon (before I can arrive, parasitic colonist and spread my Prague pestilence, the rave ruination) it shall fall, the only thing standing between Them and "the world" the vast unpopulated wilderness of Antarctica (soon, assuredly to become a beachside resort for water barons of the great Midwest Desert.)

Every tool is a weapon if you hold it right. Please consider the innocent lives and minds at stake should you cease in your vigilance and set aside in your heart your bow and voice for even a beat. One faltering step is all it takes for the carrion beasts to descend and pick out the sick animal in the herd. Are we anything more than a nice, light snack, anything less than to-be bleached bones in the sun?

When you ask Rowan to say hello, this is what you get 8)

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