Minor bug fixes and optimizations, by myself and dbrown. The specialties and motto fields in your home node can now use hard links.

Also trying to track down anomolies in the Voting/Experience System (possibly related to caching) If you experience unexpected gigantic plunges or surges in XP, please /msg me.

Yet another day of getting up too damn early to do too damn bludgeoning of work. I'm quite convinced that work is what is killing my college grades. If they didn't force me there so damn early, I'd have TIME to do my [research.

Besides that, I'm sitting on a library computer, trying to do research as I try to remember exactly what it is I'm researching, anyhoo...

Spent much more time than I care to note, noding. I did finally achieve today Level 1 (Novice) with 51 XP and 42 write-ups.

But the 10 votes doesn't seems to come. Did I read the Voting/Experience System wrong? Read again. Ah, "Writeups Req 50". Node. 44 write-ups. And node again. 46 write-ups ...

Suddenly E2 Cheerleader piped up "You have 10 votes". I read Voting/Experience System wrong again. You don't really need to achieve the "Writeups Req" column.

Now I can vote. :-)

I wake up and my brother is still here. Odd to have someone spend the night - odd just to have someone else in my apartment. Noises not made by me - a rarity, a commodity.

I turn twenty-four in the shower.

Pete calls and asks who's having the hap-hap-happiest birthday so far. Suddenly I am hit again by how transparent my approach has become, by how much I have not been listening to, out of fear. Of course I'm crying, there's no way around it. My poor brother turns on the stereo in the other room and tries to ignore me. Mid-sob I start laughing because I have to renew my driver's license today - trauma anough without a blotchy, puffy, stupid face.

At work I receive two nasty shocks in a row about Patrick, whom I might have (would have, would have) asked out. 1. he's moving to South Carolina next week. 2. he's having a foul love affair with Heather. I don't know which is the worse disappointment.

At Pete's house I get the sneaking suspicion that I have begun to relax a little. I forget about this until we are on a nice long drive to Thai food and I am looking out the window at the calm dark trees and it suddenly crashes in on me that nothing is expected of me at this moment. It's like my water broke. My eyes sting but I'd rather not cry so I don't, and really I don't need to, it's just the shock of sudden peace.

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