During my one miserable year in residence, there was this stupid kid who lived on my floor who was always doing stupid things. One day, he made some sort of explosive. I'm not exactly sure how, but I was told that it involved a potato.

So, he set this thing off in the bathroom in one of the wings on our floor. It set the fire alarm off. While I'm sure the people in the shower at the time were not impressed, there is something more disturbing about this story. Apparently, if there is a fire somewhere else and the rez fire alarm goes off, the firemen must leave that fire and go to residence. (This is apparently because there's more people there, blah blah blah.) It's a really good thing that there wasn't a fire somewhere else right then.

Anyways, the stupid kid ended up having to pay for the firemen to come out to residence, because of the false alarm. I only have two words for him: Ha ha!!