Today was a good day. First, I awake to the knocking on my door from the UPS man who has a package for me. Gleefully I sign for it and unpack my new 1GHz laptop. All day I've been playing with it -- watching DVDs, burning CDs, etc. I even noded with it. Except, when I logged onto e2, I had noticed some of my nodes had been downvoted. That is, of course, normal; however, not only were the nodes that were downloaded of a factual nature, the facts contained within were correct facts.


This makes me angry. I could find nothing wrong with them -- grammar, facts, context, anything. Do I get a friendly /msg with tips to help a poor, newbie noder like me? Nope. Now, I could understand this if I or my friends could find fault in composition or factual nature of the node, or if the node contained opinion -- those are things which could provoke a downvote. Personally, a downvote means little to me with respect to XP. XP is abundant. A downvote means someone disagrees or dislikes something which I have written. If you don't like the truth/facts, tough cookies.