Payable on Death is a very amazing band. Most known for their live performance they blow you away with their energy. P.O.D. is all about one thing ministry, and they are not shy about their love for God.

P.O.D. is:
Sonny - lead vocals
Wuv - Drums
Traa - Bass
Marcos - Guitar

Visit their site for more info on the band.

I had the chance to see these guys play at Cornerstone 2000. It was definitely one of the most interesting concerts I have ever been to. The mosh pit was nuts, they were hosing us all down every five minutes because it was so hot in the pit. I dunno how many songs they got to play but about half way into the show it was stopped. Two kids had gotten hurt in the pit. Sonny stopped the show and quieted everyone down. They had collided in the pit and hurt each other apparently. The entire crowd bowed their heads and prayed in their hearts for the two kids. The silence of the audience was mind blowing. So we all stood there for about 20-30 minutes while the ambulance arived. The band handled the situation perfectly. They were not about to continue on with the show the way it was though. So they slowed it down and played "Set Your Eyes to Zion". Then they invited a few audience members on the stage to lead in worship. All of this on national TV. So they ended the night with a prayer and we all went back to our camp sites with the memory of this unique night.

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