A city of over 3 million in the metro area, qualifying for 6th largest city in America.

It is located in Maricopa County, Arizona. Located in the Sonoran Desert. It is hot there, but you have to understand, it's a DRY heat... While not a cultural mecca, if you look, you can always find SOMETHING if you work at it. Unpleasant in the summer, really nice the rest of the year. Located in the center of Arizona.

I have lived in the metropolitan area for several decades, held many jobs and lived all over the valley. The Summers are hot. If you really hate hot weather, then you won't like living here. The winters, however, are basically paradise. Particularly January through March when the east coast has big snow storms, it can be 70 degrees and balmy in Phoenix. This is why people from all over the US and Canada come here in the winter. This is the reason why Tourism is the number one industry in Arizona.

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The nearest beach: Puerto Peñasco aka Rocky Point in Mexico.


Source: I lived here for many years http://www.the-tubes.com/ Last Updated 06.07.04