Iced Coffee from the makers of Arizona Green Tea.

It comes in a semitransparent brown glass bottle with a little handle on the neck which makes the bottle look like a miniature jug. (The handle is useful for preventing the bottle from escaping while you shake it before drinking, as the glass tends to be slippery when cool.)

The bottle is molded with the mysterious seal ( FV ) on either side of the base of the neck, forming an imaginary axis perpendicular to the handle. The label is plastic and printed to resemble a burlap sack, spilling with rich, dark coffee beans, and sports the Arizona brand logo in a silver oval rimmed with the words "SPECIAL RESERVE No.9 / ARIZONA BEVERAGE CO.".

The cap is thin, metallic, and of a bronze tint, with a brown checkered pattern along the edge, and uses a "twist ring" safety seal instead of the pressurized "twist-snap" seal that Starbucks' competing version has.

As for the coffee itself, it is sweet and goes down smoothly and quickly, posesses a cloying chocolate* aroma, and the caffeine content seems to take effect almost immediately.

* Note that this describes the "Mocha Latté" species; however, a more traditional Latté variant is also rumored to exist, although few have seen it and lived to tell the tale. It remains the object of my solemn quest to find and catalogue this rare brew, although my efforts thus far have been foiled by the siren-song of its more common, yet refreshingly addictive, Mochaic cousin. This may be my last entry.

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