Gin Blossoms are one of the alternative bands who were popular in the mid-90s. The band formed around 1986, although the original lineup did not consist of any of the members we are currently familiar with. Sadly, a year after being fired from the band for drug and alcohol problems, Doug Hopkins, co-founder of the band and original lead singer, committed suicide in December of 1993.

Surprisingly, the band stayed a success despite the loss of Hopkins. Their most famous hit, Till I Hear It From You, is the crowning song on the soundtrack to the 1995 film Empire Records. The band officially broke up in 1997, but several members have reunited and are currently touring the US.

Gin Blossoms are:

Jesse Valenzuela, guitar and vocals
Robin Wilson, lead vocals
Scott Johnson, guitar
Bill Leen, bass
Phillip Rhodes, drums and vocals

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