Rock group from the early 90's. Best known for their song No Rain, Blind Melon was comprised of

  • Shannon Hoon - Singer
  • Roger Stevens - Guitar
  • Christopher Thorn - Guitar
  • Brad Smith - Bass
  • Glen Graham - Drums

They released two albums before Hoon's death: a self-titled album, and a less popular album Soup. While Soup was met with better reviews than their debut album, no singles from the album were released.

It was during the Soup tour when Hoon overdosed on the band's tour bus. The band's career as Blind Melon was over, after the release of the album Nico, which contained rarities and b-sides, they announced that the remaining members would reform under a different name.

Album by the band Blind Melon. In my opinion it is extremely good.

1. Soak The Sin
2. Tones Of Home
3. I Wonder
4. Paper Scratcher
5. Dear Ol'Dad
6. Change
7. No Rain
8. Deserted
9. Sleephouse
10. Holyman
11. Seed to A Tree
12. Drive
13. Time

The guitar and especially the bass work on this album is superb. It's one of those albums with no really bad songs on, so you can easily listen to the whole thing. A real classic.

Blind Melon were NOT from LA. They were (for the most part) from around West Point, Mississippi. I went to school at Miss. State in Starkville, MS (which is about 10 miles from West Point) and I met members of the band there. I was completely unaware of their fame until my little brother told me about this great new band he'd heard about on MTV called Blind Melon. I was like, "Blind Melon? There's a band that plays in Starkville called Blind Melon. I've been at parties with those guys; you must be wrong."

Bands from the southeast typically go to places such as LA to "make it", because there is no way to "make it" in BFE, MS. Blind Melon is one of a number of good bands from my neck of the woods that happened to "make it", and I am sure that there are many more great bands from everyone's neck of the woods that didn't (or haven't) make it; so support your local music. You never know who might end up on MTV.

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