"P-plater," I shook my head. The sky was overcast, and the road was wet. Blinding flashes of red strobed at 5 Hertz from just under my seat. I twisted my head almost 180 degrees for a fraction of a second before focussing my eyes back on the bitumen 10 metres ahead of me. My speedo read 57, but the car behind was closing on me fast, too fast. His tires smelled like burnt rubber, and from his face the guy was laughing. Well, I wasn't. I pulsed my brakes as I continued down the hill, I figured I had about 15 seconds between me and the station wagon pulled up at the intersection at the bottom. There was a gutter on my left, with a metre of gravel behind it then a colorbond fence. There was a side-street on my right, but no way I could cut through the oncoming traffic on the other side of the road to get into it. Still I could hear the almost sub-bass growl of the modified Nissan Pulsar.

There are some things you do even though you know there's no way it'll work. I aimed my bike at the half a metre gap between the stationary station wagon and the ute I was basically playing chicken with. "Screw it," my front wheel hit a cat's eye I had forgotten to take into consideration. *Bam*, my back wheel clipped that of the station wagon, and my knee was in to the ground.

A hoon is someone deliberately operating a vehicle, generally powered in some way, in a manner that is irresponsible, dangerous, and/or illegal. Some of their favourite activities may include, but are not limited to:
- Speeding
- Loss of traction of one or more wheels, often for the smoke thus produced or for drifting
- Breaking various traffic laws because they can

Hoons in general despise the authority of police and lew-makers, and have little regard for the safety of bystanders. Use of the term is largely restricted to Down Under. "Hoon" may also be used as a verb to refer to the activities of hoons. It was earlier used to refer to prostitutes, but that meaning is pretty much deprecated.

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