A rock band formed in 1992. While they were discovered in Seattle they are not originally from there nor are they a grunge band. The band: Kevin Martin - vocals; Peter Klett - guitar; Scott Mercado - drums; and Bardi Martin - bass. For their 1998 release Happy Pills Mercado was replaced with ex-Pearl Jam drummer Dave Krusen.

Their self-titled album released in 1993 was a major hit. I like this album, it is pretty bad ass, even if they don't really do anything new or inspiring. Their subsequent albums did not get as much commercial success. Lucy was a disappointment. Happy Pills they tried to recapture what they had in their first album. They did a pretty good job, but it is still nothing new. This album didn't see the same success as the 1993 release.

Happy Pills -- Warner Brothers (1998)
Lucy -- Maverick (1995)
s/t -- Warner Brothers (1993)

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