Roger Meade Clyne is a vocalist/guitarist that has appeared in a number succesful bands. Most notably he was the front man for the band The Refreshments and wrote most of the songs and lyrics. He also plays harmonica very well.

"You get up there and you jump around and sweat and scream and I think it is a little bit contagious and people feel maybe a little bit relieved that we're not angry, and they can have fun because we're making such fools of ourselves that - what the hell, they'll do it too!" -R. Clyne

His music has something very Southwesternly about it. It has a country twinge to it at times, but is generally pop filled rock and blues. He is from Arizona. His first band was The Mortals, who opened for the greatly lauded local phoenix band Dead Hot Workshop. The lyrics often describe things as if it were the good ole' days of cowboys and gunfights. Some of the best songs he has written are about the truths alcohol brings. He lapses into spanish often. His songs are known for their audience participation.

In Jack vs. Jose everyone sings along as Roger tries to get some tequila at a bar somewhere in Dixieland. Classic slow blues. The bartender says that here in the south they don't drink that stuff. And tries to give him Jack Daniels instead. It is a 5 minute long story which of course ends up with a bar fight with all those "nice southerly gentlemen in the white belts".

Other notable songs written and performed by Mr. Clyne are Down Together, Preachers Daughter, West Texas Moon, My Heart is a UFO, I Don't Wanna Be A Tow Chain, and Beautiful Disaster.

His most recent project is a band named Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers. It is much more tightly controlled by him and he makes no bones about it. It contains an allstar cast of musicians from Phoenix, Arizona. Musicians from The Refreshments, The Gin Blossoms, and Dead Hot Workshop.

Roger is tall with long hair and looks like he just came off the trail. He dresses like a rockstar, eclectic but functional and women lust after him.

He can be seen playing with the Peacemakers very often at Nita's Hideaway in Tempe, Arizona and often plays small venues around town.

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