The most wonderful place to spend four hours away from the glamor of the world.

One must bet with one’s playing partners when one is on the golf course. This is why the handicap system is so important.

Some courses are better than others, but each has their own character and history. To be fully appreciated, the course must be walked. The typical length of a golf course is around 7,000 yards. This would be playing the course from the tips (the professional tees). However, you've got to walk the whole course, regardless of what tees you play. You will wind up walking around 4 miles with a full backpack of clubs; it's a good workout.

In terms of degree of difficulty, the other options are usually around 6,500 yards for the low-handicap players' tees; around 6,000 for the high-handicap players; around 5,500 for the seniors; and around 5,000 for the ladies.

No matter what tees you play or what you score, the honor of the game will give you an appreciation for what is most missing in modern life.

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