or Why People Need to Be More Blunt

Dating today sucks. I suppose it's better than a couple centuries ago, where constant supervision when in the company of the opposite sex was requisite, but nevertheless, dating today sucks. One night, a relatively attractive man approached me at a bar and proceeded to inform me that I had the nicest ass of anyone he had ever seen (something I like to agree with). Whether or not he was telling the truth, he was blunt and straightforward and got to grab that ass while we danced, along with my phone number at the end of the night. That poor sap who tried cheesy pick-up lines and meekly attempted to start an intelligent conversation (something which doesn't work very well when one is unintelligent, drunk and in a bar at two in the morning) was sipping Bud by himself at the end of the night, despite the fact that he was much more attractive than Blunt Man.

Message to all men: harden your shell and be prepared to get shot down by those who don't appreciate what I am proposing, but many women greatly appreciate bluntness, and if a handsome face and good personality come with it, you're getting some ass tonight, my friend.