(i) Of combat aircraft, to have been forced to Earth by loss of aerodynamics, thrust or incapacity crew due to impacts by projectiles.

(ii) Of young men in bars, to have an advance towards a member of the appropriate sex scornfully rejected, especially in earshot of one's buddies.
My friend came home from school a few days ago and presented me with a situation, which he had already presented to my boyfriend, for an opinion.

Apparently, there was this girl in one of his classes who he found immensely attractive, and he attempted to ask her out. We live in a suburb of Phoenix, and for the holidays, there has been an ice rink constructed.

Friend: Hey, do you know how to ice skate?
The Girl: Yes.
Friend: Would you like to go ice skating with me one afternoon?
The Girl: I don't like ice skating.
Friend: Oh.

He said he let a little time go by, and then approached her again.

Friend: Well, since you don't like ice skating, do you think you might like to have dinner with me one night?
The Girl: I don't like dinner.

I told him straight out that not only was there no chance of this girl ever giving him the time of day, but the way that she acted was positively evil.

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