Some people will see this as a simple rephrasing of "It's better to be lonely than with inferior people," but it is in fact a much different philosophy. I disagree with one, and agree with the other.

The difference between "solitary" and "lonely" is a vast one. Solitary means being by yourself, spennding time with yourself, learning to be comfortable with yourself. Not isolated, not ostracized. Solitary. Lonely people aren't getting to know themselves, they are just wishing they had someone with them. Sometimes, I am in a solitary mood. But sometimes, I prefer to be around other people.

The difference between seeing a set of people as "inferior" and seeing them as "incompatible" is also vast. There are some people I don't like hanging out with. If I said they were "inferior" this would just be a way of justifying the fact that I don't want to hang out with them. If I don't enjoy their company, I don't enjoy their company. It doesn't mean they are inferior.

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