Note: I got this idea from a website, therefore, this idea and basis for the question are not mine.

How much do you know about human cloning? Obviously, there are two sides to the issue: the pro and the con. As for the good use of cloning technology, human organs can be cloned to make new organs for terminally ill patients. I have also found out that it helps woman who cannot bear children in some cases.

On the other hand, there are negative aspects to human cloning. Some think that by making humans with technology, we will be "deprived of our human right". Since sexual reproduction will no longer be needed to produce more humans, this takes away from the value of humans. While intellectuality has increased, human worth has decreased.

I think that human cloning is alright, but only to a certain extent. Considering the fact that I am interested in going into the medical field, I can see great possibilities in cloning human "organs". Think about a little girl who is five-years-old. She is dying because she needs a new heart. She is on an organ donor list, but her time is running out. If scientists and doctors could clone a new heart, then this little five-year-old could be spared of her life, free to live the life she deserves. I think that as long as cloning is kept within reasonable bounds, it is perfectly acceptable. I do not think that entire people should be cloned. A heart has only one way to function... pump, pump, pump. It can't go wrong any more than real hearts can. However, I think cloning an entire human is just plain dangerous because there are so many functions to a human. If this "clone" goes haywire, how could anyone stop it? And to terminate the life of this clone would only bring about more ethical questions as to the morality of destroying a "cloned life."

Considering both sides of the human cloning controversy, do you think that humans should be cloned, and to what extent?

I just don't see any use for cloning. Why would you bother? If someone has a clone made of them it's not them. If someone made a clone of Adolf Hitler it would not necesarilly have his personality (that being a consequence of his social conditioning).

People will continue to reproduce naturally for the same reason they have always done it: it feels nice. The value of any given human is different depending on who values them. I would assume that all lives have an equal worth but a Nazi might have a different view.

As to a clone going haywire: Why would it? If your defiition of a clone is that it is an exact copy of another creature then all you have to do is find out whether the original had a problem.

Owning the patent for a means to manufacturing a human is not the same as owning the result. Do your parents own you? Any corporation that produces children will be regarded as the parents and held to any laws that regard parenting.

Of course in a dystopian future society cloning would be very bad indeed, but since we don't live in a future dystopian society shouldn't we make are decisions about this on the basis of logic and humanity?

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